Tuesday, December 27, 2011

And Just Like That It's Over.....

The day after Christmas is such a downer for me. Nothing left to go do or see, just clean ups. At least the kids still have things to put together and play with, so I have yet to hear, "I'm bored" today. Lucky for me, Billy took the day off, so he took the big kids to an eye appointment and is now installing some whachamacallit somewhere for someone. :) Both Aaron and Olivia's eyes changed for the worse, total bummer....

My iphone is a disaster, that's what I get for letting all 5 kids play with it. It's "restoring" right now, says it will be done in 2 hours. Awesome.

I gained a lot of weight and it isn't even New Years, shame on me. I put on work out clothes this morning to get me in the mind set, needless to say, I have yet to sweat a drop. Bad me... I figure if I can be really good food wise for the week, then maybe I'll lose some and also get to enjoy New Years goodies without a ton of guilt.

Billy bought me an awesome new camera, way too much for my gift, but I am excited. Problem is that it's going to take me forever to learn it all. Good problem to have though, right?!

I better go feed the troops and get some laundry done. Just like I said, blink of an eye and it's over. Back to chores.... :)

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