Friday, December 16, 2011

We Saw Santa Today.....

I thought there might be tears, but Emi and Simon ran right up to him and rattled off what they wanted! :) Only trouble is, they aren't too good at looking into a camera and smiling. This is what I got....

While we were walking back to the car, Emi asked me where her baby doll she asked for was. I guess she thought he would hand it to her right then and there! :)

Tons to do this weekend, we have a birthday party tomorrow (a movie, so just me and the big kids) and then Billy wants to take the big kids shopping in the afternoon. Mass on Sunday and then baking a bunch for teachers, big kids are out Tuesday! Then the fun begins... And the fights... And the boredom... ;) Have a good Friday, I'm getting off for game night at our house!

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