Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Kevin, that's not funny..."

We were sitting at the table for dinner and Kevin started telling a joke. It was cute, not gut-busting hilarious. Simon, my 3 year old, looks at him and calmly says, "that's not funny, Kevin." :) I think this kid might have quite a sense of humor... Yesterday I was tickling him and he turns to me and says, "Santa is watching YOU mommy!" :) Love this boy.....

I am just left with stocking stuffers and baking left for this Christmas. I do have to take the kids when they get out of school to buy their dad his presents, but beyond that we're just going to enjoy the break. The shorties have their last day tomorrow, the bid kids finish next Tuesday....

Sorry that this seems choppy, I am typing while one kid is doing physical therapy and the other one is finishing lunch, so I'm not entirely focused. :) Enjoy your Tuesday!

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