Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Crazy Train" Isn't A Commonly Used Term???

According to my loving husband, my phrases are not commonly used ones. Hmmmm.... I say crazy train. Like, "dontcha think this is a little crazy train?" Makes sense to me. Billy says "only to Ozzy Osborne". My husband actually keeps a running list of some of my phrases. Weirdo. Maybe I should be touched. I figure we all have weird stuff we say regularly. My mother-in-law used to kill me when she would say, "you might could do that" WHAT?!?! That would offend my English teacher self to the core. She probably still says it, we just don't talk, so I don't hear it....

Billy says "ain't". **shudder** I don't care where you're from, that word is like fingers on a chalk board to me. Now I occassionally hear my kids use it. At least my words are all listed in the dictionary. :)

And because I haven't got anything to write about on this hot Texas day, this is last night's conversation before I went to bed.

Me: "You ok?"

Billy: "Yes, for the 5th time, I am fine. You know I am not a big talker."

Me: "Yes, well, you are sometimes, like when you talk about stuff no one wants to hear."

Billy: "Let me get my list, I have to write that down."

Me: "I'm sorry you can't handle the truth.... What are you doing?" (he's writing on a piece of cardboard)
       "What are you homeless? (pause) Was that offensive?"

His list at work includes (and I should be embarassed about some of these, but I'm strangely not in the least...)

"I say thank you ALL the time, because I know it's your THING." (this is so true, he whines a lot about not being thanked enough.)

"You don't even want to get to know who I AM..." (13 years and 5 kids later...)

We're so in love..... :) Why do you suppose he keeps all this?? I figure he keeps it at the office to gaze at when he's missing me.... :)

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