Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our Boys Are Eleven... We Might Have Eaten That In Pounds Of Food...

Well here we are, Aaron and Kevin are 11 years old and there isn't anything I can do about it. :) So we spent the day eating at one of our favorites, Alamo Cafe (I LOVE that I can eat there without being glutened!) and then the mandatory stop at Marble Slab for ridiculously priced, but oh so yummy ice cream. They don't even want cake, just stick a candle in the ice cream please. My dad went to lunch with us and I hope he enjoyed it, the kids sure did. It is really difficult for my mom to join us, they would have to get the Ambulance van to drive her from the nursing home and because she is unable to move on her own, trips to the bathroom, etc are almost impossible. It's hard to have these gatherings without her, but I want my dad to still come and have time out with family and we will see my mom tomorrow.

Now for the pics!

My dad and Kevin... I really like this picture...

Olivia and the oh so yummy queso..

Aaron and my dad.

 Now that I've eaten their age in pounds, I'm stuffed to the gills and they didn't get younger... This age thing stinks. This time, 11 years ago, I was arriving in Florida, all by myself (Billy had to drive so we could go home with the boys together.) getting settled in my hotel and talking myself into finding the hospital so I could meet my little boys. I was a wreck and so scared to do it all by myself. It's one thing to meet the birth mom, have dinner and connect. It's totally different when the day comes and she has delivered these beautiful babies and you just don't know how she is going to react to your presence or if she has changed her mind. It was unnecessary stress, she was warm and welcoming, she introduced me to her family and while sad, she was loving and immediately wanted me to hold the boys. She will always be part of my family and we love her.... Enough for now....

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