Monday, July 25, 2011

Shots, Birthday Lunches, And More Sweaty Basketball...

Today Aaron and Kevin had to get 2 immunizations. Lucky me, Billy offered to take them, he figured they'd be less emotional in front of their dad. (Kevin is SUCH a baby when it comes to needles, I mean, hysterically crying, it's insane!) So he said they were ok, but there were tears. Heck, it's a win in my eyes if people in the next room can't hear them. They're ELEVEN!! That may have been the first time Billy has taken any of the kids for shots, I told him that I figure this one visit was nothing compared to when they're 3 or 4 and you have to hold them down.... He has no idea... :)

Yesterday we took my dad to lunch for his birthday. I think he had a really good time, we were there almost 2 hours and just talked and he had quality time with the kids. It has been really hard for my kids to get quality time with either one of my parents since my mom's Parkinson's has really gone into full swing. Since my dad had to put her in the nursing home, while he still spends his afternoon/evenings there with her, he is able to drop by more. When my mom was still at home, he really couldn't leave her alone and she was bedridden. My kids missed him. They miss my mom too, don't misunderstand, but when we visit her during the week, most times she isn't making sense, or doesn't remember their names. :( Anyway, he turned 78 today and I hope we have many more to celebrate with him... Especially if we go for seafood, I had crab and it was SO good!!

Kevin and my Dad
We finished the day with 100 degree basketball. What is wrong with these people?! I suggested Wii basketball tournaments in the living room, you know, in the A/C?! I think that may be on for tonight. Let's hope, I mean, at Billy's age, it may not be a good idea to tax the body at that temperature.... :)

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