Monday, July 4, 2011

We Ran The 5K And Lived To Tell!!! Happy 4th Of July!!!

The Starting Line...
We were up by 6am, out the door by 7. See they had limited free t-shirts, and hey, why run a 5K if you don't have a t-shirt to commemorate the occassion?! The run started at 8 and it was already getting hot. The boys started in the front, Olivia, me, Billy and the shorties were towards the back. I didn't see Kevin again until I crossed the finish line. All in all, I am so proud of everyone, we finished it and Billy did not have a heart attack running with 100 extra pounds of babies and stroller. (side note, Billy says there are no more babies in this house. Whatever....) I stayed with Olivia the whole run, she is a lot like me and running is not her thing.

She looks like a runner here!

Billy in motion. I can't explain the hat, don't ask me to.
But go Livvy, she pushed through it and we finished in 42 minutes. Not a stellar number, but she has never run that far and I couldn't be prouder. :)

Billy finished 1 minute ahead of us with Aaron, who sprinted out of the gate and lost steam. Lesson learned, I guess. Kevin, who was running with his best friend, finished in 32 minutes. Awesome. None of us got a trophy, but we really just wanted to accomplish the run and we all did. It was a great morning, much better than I thought it would be.
I actually really love this picture and I'm even in it!
 After you finish, you can jump in the pool to cool off before the trophies are handed out... We only let Simon and Emi stick their feet in...

Kevin cooling off after his awesome run...

We went home to recover and throw on swimsuits for the neighborhood cookout and swim. It's nice, everyone brings something, there's a DJ, and the kids swim for hours.
Can you believe she has the energy for a sack race??

Emi has become quite the fan of the pool this year...

Big kids are bowling with Billy and the littlest among us are fast asleep. Later we'll grill for dinner and have a lazy evening. Burn ban in effect here, so no late night drive for fireworks. :( Hope you had a great Independence Day!

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