Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Think Big Changes Are Coming Around Here.... I Hate Change....

First let me just tell you that yesterday we had a huge thunderstorm that was so welcome, my kids played in it. Hopefully, it will help the hay in my backyard return to some kind of grass. 30% we get another round this afternoon they say, but it is awfully sunny right now.

We ran a ton of errands today, me and the 2 kids I've had this week. :) Visited with my mom at the nursing home, ran by my Gastro doctor for blood work papers, and hit the store. We should probably be somewhere right now, but kids are outside with the neighbors and I was hungry.

There seems to be a wave of changes coming around here. Nothing I can just point to, just the feeling that all the balls have been tossed in the air, and I don't know where they will fall. Don't know if that makes sense, or the fear and dread of my impending 40th birthday is making me nuts. That is totally possible. :) I am no fan of change, I like the steady stream of routine. We shall see what comes of it all.

This is a short post, I need to clean the kitchen and get out the door to pick up my 3 missing kiddos.

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