Friday, November 5, 2010

I forgot everything!!!

So just as I figured, yesterday I rushed to put up a post since I had been derelict in my blogging duties. So today while I was painting Olivia's accent wall, (a hot, beautifully obnoxious and girly pink) I was remembering all the little things I left out. So here is my catch up post, and I have quickly learned in my short blogging lifespan, that you MUST post regularly. :)

Wednesday, the great guy and I scheduled (SOOO romantic!) our early anniversary lunch. Our anniversary is this Monday, but the babysitter went on vacation and we had to grab what chance we had at alone time outside. :) We went to Chuy's (again, we kill in the romance dept). Let me tell you, I LOVE Chuys. I have never been poisoned there, I feel safe when I order that I'm not going to make everyone get their meals bagged up to go so I can be sick all night at home. We didn't need to be fancy, just alone. It was really nice. We talked about the kids, that is never going to not happen, but it's one of our favorite subjects. :) Bellies full, we went our separate ways, but I thought it was a great date. When the short stacks are older and there is more time, we will have a real date. Monday it will be 13 years. Long years of ups and downs, tons of speed bumps, but I really wouldn't want to be here with anyone else.

We got a letter from the local military installation that we will be one of the familes that hosts 2 soldiers for Thanksgiving this year. Billy has wanted to do this for years, his family took in soldiers far from home often. But now of course, I worry. You don't want to bring these poor kids that can't get home for the holiday and have crappy food. And I'm a Celiac, so I do gluten free Thanksgiving. Ugh... So I worry... But I think it will be great for the kids. and I'll be sure to have awesome desserts, I mean great pie and cheesecake should make up for any possible food mishaps, I would think...

One of my older kids has ADHD. He is medicated and usually does well, but lately has really slid off the rails. School is awful, home is awful, carrots don't work and sticks are useless. We went to see our wonderful and awesome behavioral pediatrician and he is tweeking the meds and really just gave us the pep talk we truly needed for this journey. So many other families deal with such harder issues and I hate to complain when it's ADHD, but I really have had a tough time with my son. You want him to be successful in school, in social situations, etc. And it is gut wrenching to see him lonely and in trouble all the time. So, fingers crossed that these small changes will lead to positive results. He's got a heart of gold, the ADHD just gets in the way of others seeing it.

I'm going to get off of this laptop and catch up with the Ryann's movie night. Beetlejuice, such a classic....

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