Saturday, November 13, 2010

Smoke Em Out......

Olivia and I took the little ones for  haircuts today at one of those kid haircut places, you know cars for chairs, videos on, etc. So Olivia takes Emi to the waiting area and I haul Simon to the waiting car. And he LOSES it. I mean screaming like a maniac. This is far from his first haircut, but the place was really crowded and we usually go in on weekdays. So I am wrangling him into the car, like wrestling a greased pig and I notice this man with his maybe 4 year old get set up right next to us. And then, I kid you not, the guy looks over at my phenomenal parenting skills, picks his kid up and LEAVES THE PLACE. My child actually drove someone out of a place of business.... At first I felt really bad, but then I realized that I have been there many times with lots of kids screaming and crying and I never left. I asked our hair stylist if that's why he left and she said, "I think so, but don't worry about it, dads are weirder about stuff like that. Most moms tune it out." Hmm... Gotta wonder if he leaves restaurants or church when someone else's kid cries... So for the record, I did feel bad for a minute. And to redeem my sweet Simonster, he totally got it together and has a fabulous haircut for his 2nd birthday pictures we have scheduled for this week.

Speaking of the pictures I have scheduled.... I may move them. Emi has a HUGE scratch down her face thanks to her lovely, "I can clear a room with my charm" twin brother. I just don't know if it will look a ton better by Wednesday. Ugh... And you know I scheduled that appointment a month ago, at the perfect happy toddler time (yes, I am telling myself that such a time exists...) and now we have a facial laceration... Oye... Fingers crossed, but please, we all know I'm going to cancel or have a picture of Emi with a battle wound, which if you think about it, captures her true toddlerhood. :) I can see it now, wounded, but still in a fabulous tutu.

So tomorrow is Simon and Emi's second birthday. We're keeping it small, because we're going to do a bigger lunch/party during Thanksgiving break when more people are in town and available. So just the 7 of us out for lunch and cupcakes. No more babies here...

EGAD: Randy Quaid has just accused his more successful brother Dennis, of putting a hit out on him... Must be another Hollywood Star Whackers.... :D

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