Thursday, November 11, 2010

How I love the TV and the crockpot is making me fat....

Ok, so posting every day is going to take some practice. There are just some days where it's too chaotic, too much homework, too many babies saying "up, up"... Then when they all go to bed, Billy and I head for the DVR. My unwind moment is the TV. I really just love watching tv. It probably doesn't sound great, but I watch it all, the news (I am a political junkie), most shows on Bravo, and my favorite sitcoms. That to me, late at night on the couch with my sweetie is total bliss. I'm easy like that. And it's Thursday, so tonight is The Office and Outsourced, and if we can fit it in, last night's Modern Family. Man, I wish the kids were in bed now. :)

I am making some progress on getting my butt in gear, the short ones and I did our 2 mile walk, the weather has been lovely for that. But I have also discovered the problem with the beloved crockpot. You can just grab a big spoon and fill your plate, calories be damned. But I just can't break free, I just toss everything in there during the morning nap and then it's ready for the whole crew at dinner. Ugh, what to do, what to do... My pants might make the decision for me...

My sweet short ones are turning two this weekend. I can't believe it. No more babies in this house. 2 years ago we got a phone call from CPS that would change our family dynamic forever. They brought in these 2 tiny little ones that we weren't sure we would be able to keep and we all fell in love immediately. It has been tough at times, there have been many different doctor appointments, Simon had to wear a helmet to reshape his head, and both of them have physical and speech therapy every week. But they are perfect and they are Ryanns. Olivia was born to be a big sister, she thrives in it. I was worried about the older boys accepting them and loving them and they quickly proved my concerns were ridiculous. They love them dearly. I am truly blessed and I just can't imagine this family any different, the noise, the busy-ness of it all. I may be really tired and occasionally snippy, but it really is a joy.

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