Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Aaackkk, Virus Cooties Found My Kids, 3 Down, I'm Sure 2 Will Follow.. Did I Mention I'm Single Mom-ing it?

Ahhh, well I guess we were healthy for too long... I've got toddlers with so much mucus, I can't imagine what could possibly be left in their bodies. Emi is acting completely like herself though, sweet, adorable and unbelievably stubborn. Simon on the other hand is not such a good patient. Miserable, everyone is against him and all attention must be for him. I'm sure today is just going to fly by. Kevin got up at 5:30 hacking up a lung, so he's joined in on our good times. No fevers, just ick. So now I have 2 napping and one on the couch with my phone. And really, to prove I have a magical life, Billy is out of town on business. Great timing, huh?! I think it's on purpose, I mean if I could wrangle a stay-at-home mom business trip during snot fest, I would be packed. :) He'll be back late tonight, it could be worse. This just means we don't dirty the kicthen. Major rule in my house, Daddy has a business trip, we get take out and eat on paper plates. See, we all win. Billy gets some peace, work done, money home, and the rest of the Ryanns get carbs and grease. I'm not sure who gets the better deal.

May is still chaos. Every Saturday has two kid events/sports until school is out. During the week, the school squeezes every last bit of projects and social events they can. I can't even imagine this time next year when we have the boys in middle school and Olivia still in elementary. That's a whole additional schedule to add.

Ok, so I wasn't going to post about working out, I whine a lot on Facebook about my aches and pains. But I can't help myself. Beyond the fact that I am paying someone to slowly try to kill me is one thing, but I am really bummed this morning. I got on the scale. Clearly a bad decision that I can't take back. I am GAINING weight. And please do not feed me the "muscle weighs more". I've been exercising like this for a week. Are you going to tell me that I can now enter a Ms. Olympia competition due to my massive muscle gain?! (do they still have those, or have I dated myself horribly?!) Really, I am still doing my WW points and I thought the extra exercise would shed the last few pounds I'd like to lose. I'm not quitting. I think it's good for me, one because of my osteopenia, my OB/GYN has really pushed for me to weight train and last time I saw her I shrank 1/2 and inch. And secondly, I'd really like to throw on a pair of shorts happily at soon-to-be 40. I do a lot of capris and shorts to the knee. I'm ready for my condo in Boca. :) I'm not asking for Daisy Duke shorts, just shorts.

I better end this, I hear "Mommy, Mommy" from upstairs and I better grab the Kleenex before I get there. Here's to a clear nasal passage day for you. Someone should have one!

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  1. I am so glad that 4/5 of my children are 12 and up. Those days of runny noses are distant nightmares. I completely feel for you and hope you enjoy every bit of take out that you can.