Thursday, May 19, 2011

An Update Of Hector The Trainer And The Pain He Inflicts Upon Me... That I Pay For...

So here I am right in the middle of week three of my eight week trainer experience. I'd like to say that I no longer wince when I lift a shorty or when I climb the stairs, but that is not the case. I still hurt everywhere, just maybe not as much. I go faithfully, sweat like a pig and beg for mercy throughout the hour session, but I'm not sure I am any fitter. I know it's been 3 weeks. But hey, I'd probably go in with a smile of some sort if I could tell you that my bat wings are diminishing, or that my thighs have less movement when I move. Yes, I have lost weight, that is awesome. 2 pounds. But I don't feel stronger yet. I have great hope for that.

I still have these fat kid flashbacks when I'm there. I am not the worst in the room, but I am close. It is such a weird feeling when you feel awkward and bigger than everyone else in the room and then look in a mirror and see that you aren't. But we will push through that. (apparently I am now more than one person, since "we" will now persevere) I'm sticking with it though. Heading over there in the morning and hoping to be able to walk to the car upright. :)

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