Thursday, May 12, 2011

Lord, Talk About A Grade School Trauma Flashback....

So yesterday was my 5th workout with the trainer. There were maybe 8 people working out in the place, and we went to work, it's kind of a circuit set up with different stations. Anyway, it was by far, my worst work out. I couldn't do a lot of it. I got so frustrated, when I left I was miserable (this time, not just physically a disaster). I felt like I usually can hold my own in comparison to the group. I'm happily in the middle. Yesterday I felt like that chubby kid in P.E. class staring at that freakin rope dangling from the roof that I know I can't climb and it will soon be my turn to humiliate myself.

Full disclosure---not me, googled image, but remember the rope climb?!
I haven't been big like that in 20 years. It's amazing to me that I could actually feel like that again when physically, I am relatively thin. But you can't ever count on what is going on in your mind, can you? So there I was feeling like the fat kid in gym. Totally sucked. But I finished the work out, and I'll go back tomorrow (ugh, Fridays I have to go at 6am since the shorties don't have school...). But I really hope those feelings stay away. And that no one ever puts me in front of one of those darn ropes either. I mean, what does that prove? :)

It's pouring down rain here, that's a good thing since we've been close to drought conditions and my grass is crispy. So I hope it rains all day. Downside is the track meet that Kevin (long jump) has been looking forward to will be cancelled, hopefully rescheduled. I can't believe in 3 weeks, the kids are out for summer and I officially have junior high kids. Boo hoo. How did it happen so fast? I remember flying into Florida as soon as their birth mom went into labor. And now we're going to junior high and wearing deodorant. Sigh...

Have a good one!

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