Wednesday, May 11, 2011

WHAT?!?!? I Haven't Told You About Cathy?! That's Just Not Right...

So yesterday my best friend Cathy and I are discussing googling people (and ourselves). Maybe 10 minutes later she calls back, "hey, I googled you, why haven't I read your blog?" (Just so we're clear Cathy, I am PARAPHRASING, now that I know you're here) "And how am I not in it?" Cathy wasn't being full of herself, it doesn't really make sense. We talk at least 5 times a day. We met when we were 8, survived high school together and marched off to college together too. (Gig 'Em Ags! Whoop!) So this is my much too late and I'm sure woefully insufficient introduction to my BFF.

Things haven't always been great, we had truly mastered fighting into an art form as teenagers, but she knows things that no one else does. Heck, probably things I don't even remember. She tends to bring up some awful and embarassing memory and I respond with, "what? I have no idea what you are talking about." (I figure it's a self defense mechanism, fluffy teenage years are no fun...) She fills this awesome void when I have something important to talk about (say, the Royal Wedding) and I know for a fact my husband would rather shove a pencil in his eye, Cathy is ALL OVER IT. And who else am I going to call when I find someone on Facebook that we went to school with and, perhaps, has been a little worse for wear?? Or when I am shopping and I'm not sure about which shirt to buy, who gets the text pic? Billy??? Ummm, I'd like to stay married, thankyouverymuch....

Perfect example... (yesterday)

Me: (surfing online) "Wow, look Pippa is freaked over topless pics her friends have leaked. That was quick."

Cathy: "Really?! Gosh, she's so famous, shouldn't she know not to take naked pics?!"

Me: "Huh? I mean, they're like 5 years old and hello, there's a boob."

Cathy: "I just think that's crazy that she doesn't think that's going to get out. What is she thinking? Kelly Ripa, right?"

Me: "What?! No PIPPA, Kate's sister. Kelly Ripa?!"
Cathy: "Regis always calls her Pippa. I thought we were talking about Kelly Ripa."

And you wonder what we talk about 5 times a day. :)

So that is my opening to my best friend. I don't think that there is anything she doesn't know. There are times when I am talking to Billy and I say, "have I told you this already, or was that Cathy?" My kids know her like an aunt and I wouldn't have it any other way. :)

I also worked out today, but this post is about Cathy. :) Hope you have a good one, I've got to go pick up the shorties....

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