Friday, May 6, 2011

It's Friday And I Survived Another Workout... Let's Start Mother's Day Early!

Well, I did it. Woke up at 5:30, rushed to be dressed and ready when my workout partner showed up at 5:45. Ugh, I have to say, I wasn't feeling well. I really feel like my Celiac's rears it's ugly head in weird ways. If I have early morning appointments or have to go somewhere new, my stomach just freaks out. No explanation. So I crossed my fingers and off we went. There's a 5 a.m. class that was more populated that I thought it would be, I ran into one of my kids' 2nd grade teachers. I couldn't imagine getting up for a 5 a.m. class, then showering and teaching 7 year olds all day, more power to her! The workout was good, REALLY hard, I was accused of cheating on squats. Mean trainer. I wasn't CHEATING, I was DYING, totally different. So he added 10 extra seconds. GREAT... Got home to a house buzzing, Billy making breakfast, kids either at the table or helping corral shorter ones into chairs. I sat in the car for a second and watched the action and I had this weird moment of feeling like I was missing out. I missed that craziness of school mornings. So I crawled into the house and immediately, a tattler was rattling off whatever the new offense was.... Sigh.... I was wrong, nothing to miss. :) Referee shirt back on and the normalcy back. It's strange to me though, I thought, "awesome, Billy can take over the morning, nice away time for me". But I felt left out when I got there. So silly, but I missed my family. For an hour. Half of which they slept through. I may need medication.....

Today should be interesting, the 4th graders are having a Mother's Day tea this afternoon. Olivia was so excited, but I had to tell her that because I'm bring the shorties, (on leashes no less!) I couldn't guarantee how long we could stay. Honestly, two 2 year olds in a classroom of 22 and moms and a huge table of snacks. Fingers crossed. and yes, we own the toddler leashes, judge away. We bought them for the State Fair, Emi and Simon loved feeling independent and when the day was over I still had 5 kids. So I'm going to dust them off and head to school.

See, not an awful animal leash...

Then we're heading out for dinner to try a pizza place with gluten free pizza. Hope it's good. Yes, I got up at 5:30 so I could have pizza tonight and erase whatever good things I did. But I have a good excuse, we're doing Mother's Day early. We have a really hectic weekend with a first communion, a luncheon, a soccer game, visiting my mom, and a school project to complete. And really, I am not a fan of crowds and Mother's Day lunch is a crowd.

If you are a mom, I hope your Mother's Day is wonderful and that you feel important and valuable. You have the best job in the world. Enjoy it!

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  1. LOL, mean trainer ;-) Have a great Mother's Day!