Sunday, May 15, 2011

Middle Child Syndrome!!! Therapy All Around!

I've decided that this post will be all about my Olivia. Poor kiddo probably gets lost in the shuffle, the only singleton in the house, my only biological child, and usually, such a good kid, sometimes gets shoved aside when other kids are getting in trouble with messy rooms, homework disasters, or the younger two, just being two. :)

Olivia is an interesting one. After going through with our first adoption of Aaron and Kevin, we were knee deep in the parent- learning curve. I was still teaching seventh grade because we thought I could. (notice we were in full learning curve) I'd say by October/November it was clear that due to not finding the right person to take care of the boys and with Billy still working for a firm in Austin (late, late nights coming home), we knew that I would be home for good in January. In Late January, I found out I was pregnant. Immediately we heard,"This always happens after adoption" and "I told you so!" Well, we assumed that after testicular cancer, surgery, and the radiation that followed, said plumbing was shot. (as did the urologist) The boys were 5 months. Billy was in denial. :) Did I mention I told him during the Superbowl??? My timing is PHENOMENAL.... Anyway, we set off to juggle the boys and discover pregnancy... God never gives you what you cannot handle. We told ourselves that a lot. She was a relatively easy pregnancy until the feet started to swell and not retract. The boys and I played on the ground a lot, it was easier there... My first Mother's Day I was 5 months along and showing. We went to a nice buffet with my parents and the woman at the table next to us loudly says, "oh my God, she's already pregnant with another one!" NICE....

My sweet Olivia was an awful labor, induced because she was comfortable, my blood pressure wasn't. After a day and a half, this beautiful girl joined the madness. What a gift.

Don't look at me, I don't do labor well...
And such a gift she continued to be. She was a good kid, not a lot of trouble. No terrible two's, and she potty trained before 3. But this poor child got my emotions, poor thing. To this day, she is a roller coaster ride, and I understand it all. She is freakishly smart, loves her gifted and talented class, and school is a joy to her. (if only her older brothers could catch that bug!) What she did not inherit from me I am thrilled about. Her confidence is beautiful. She isn't arrogant. She knows that she is smart, she knows she has a good sense of humor. I love that. Her daddy had a big part in that.
How could I not include my 4 yr old ballerina??

This is Olivia with her friends. Always just like this...

She has become a wonderful big sister... (uh, this is before Simon's helmet...)


Olivia's 9th birthday party

I couldn't have a better kiddo. Even though I forget how great she is sometimes. I am one lucky mom....

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  1. That was such a sweet post. Those middle kids do tend to get less attention...especially if they are the easy ones.