Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Dog Days Of Summer... Seriously, We're Melting Here...

So we're knee deep in summer around here. Regularly hitting 100 degrees and up and it's June. I thought summer was all about slowing down, lounging by the pool, etc. I feel like everything is actually speeding up. So today is kind of nice, we only have physical therapy for the shorties today and beyond that, NOTHING. Ahhhhhh..... The big kids are building some big fort and prepping for their weekend lemonade stand. :) So laundry and soon naptime.

Tomorrow Emi has an appoinment with the ped neurologist. He is going to take a look at her neck and see if any more therapy is going to help her neck tilt. (from the infant torticollis) She has really gotten so much better, I am excited to hear what he thinks. Downside is the 8am appt downtown. All 5 kids in tow. Pray for me. Billy will take my car though and drop us off. That way I don't worry about parking, he just parks in his parking garage and comes to get us when we're done. Lots of perks to his office being downtown. And I can't forget the Starbucks he always returns with.... :)

My sister is coming in from CA today. Sister in the sense that I don't remember life without her around. She met my mom when she was 15 and needed guidance. Here we are decades later and we're still family. :) She is coming to visit my mom in the nursing home, she hasn't seen her there and then a quick visit with my brood, and then she is off again.

I'm going to leave you with a quick video of Emi and Simon singing because they're so cute and I can't help it... (ignore the missing pants, we're STILL potty training...)

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