Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Boys Graduated Fifth Grade.... Sigh.... I made it, no crying!!

Just a few quick pictures of the boys graduating. They aren't the best pictures, either the lighting in the cafeteria was bad or Kevin refused to work with me.... And I survived to post about it. :)

I think Kevin is getting sick of me at this point. :)

They look positively thrilled to be standing with their teacher and the principal, don't they?? That teacher is a SAINT. She took on both boys in the same class for the spring semester after we had to have Kevin moved from a negative classroom situation. He thrived after the move and she couldn't have done a better job. We LOVE Ms. Hammons....
The boys, Ms. Hammons, and Kevin's best friend, Colin.

Did I mention that the ceremony was almost over, the principal was reading the final closing poem and my sweet Simon belts out, "Emi POOPED!" I died. The two rows in front of me were cracking up, but I was mortified. To be fair, the ceremony was long and he was pretty good at entertaining himself up to that point...

God bless the principal. Afterwards she told me that the teary-eyed parents probably needed the levity. :) Oh and one last thing. We got home and guess what? Emi was clean. He was just yelling out inappropriate things for fun.....

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