Friday, June 10, 2011

It's Already Time For A Party, The Six Months of Ryann Birthdays Has Begun!

Funny how it's worked out this way, but starting in June, we all have our birthdays finishing with the shorties in November. It seems nonstop, because then we swing right into Fall and Winter holidays. This weekend we're going to have a sleep over for Aaron and Kevin, but they don't actually turn 11 until July. We bump it up because we have found turn out to be lower midsummer. I guess a lot of people start heading out on vacation. Anyway, it should be pretty easy, they are having 5 friends over to camp out in tents in the backyard. Pizza, cupcakes and an ice cream sundae bar should fill them up. They'll watch a movie outside with the projection screen and then Billy will sleep outside with them and I get to sleep inside. :)

Part of me sees the kids getting older and the big parties have gone. I miss that. They just want a few friends over and pizza. Sigh... I know, I still have Emi and Simon's parties coming, but it is hard to see the older ones grow up. Olivia turns 10 in September, let's see what she wants to do for a party then. :)

So expect lots of pictures in the next few days, I tend to take too many. Here's to hoping it's a fun party and no insanity occurs around 3 a.m. Have a great weekend, I must get to wrapping presents!

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