Thursday, June 30, 2011

This Morning I Wrestled Yellow Jackets To Save My Babies..... I Am Wonder Woman..

Why do I ever try to do "outdoor house stuff"? It never turns out well. I kill anything I plant, I'm a klutz so I hurt myself easily, much to Billy's amusement. Today I went to open the shorties' window because our flag got caught on the bar and Billy hasn't touched it all week. I raise the window, hit a nest of yellow jackets, they attack me, I run out screaming (I'm sure I was quite the sight!) and slammed the door. Somehow I only got stung once, but I stood in the hallway trying to figure out how I was going to bee-whisper a pack of pissed off bees back outside before nap time. (See, I am no good outside....)

So Aaron and Olivia took Emi and Simon downstairs to occupy them and Kevin and I tried to figure out how I was going to do this. (Did I mention that Kevin is the biggest bee chicken I have ever seen??!? Runs and screams like a girl while his sister just stands there... Yeah, I was really planning well...) So I decide to go in with spray and kill.them.all. Kevin's only job was to open the door to let me out when I yelled. Lucky for me, and I am so lucky, the bees had gone back to their nest, none of them were flying in the room. I emptied the can, slammed the window shut, and ran out. :) Whew.... Not a good start to my day. Then of course, I must relay my death-defying maneuvers to my sitting in his air conditioned quiet office husband...

Me: "Do you have a sec, I need to tell you how awesome I am."

Billy: "Umm, sure..."

Me: "I came home, decided to get the flag down and low and behold, a big bees nest is on the side of the window. Bees are hitting me and I am screaming and running. Olivia and Aaron took the shorties and Kevin and I formed the plan. I mean I need that room for nap, I couldn't lock it until you came home."

Billy: "No, are you ok?"

Me: "Yeah, I mean we were lucky, I thought they'd be all over the room."

Billy: "Have you done anything to the sting?"

Me: "No, I was saving the Ryann clan! (must be dramatic here, I only get so many of these!) While you're all making phone calls and sitting in your downtown office, I am Wonder Woman here."

Billy: "Yes you are. Take care of my wife now."

Umm, that's it? No promise of jewels??? Not even a Bedazzled red cape??? Sigh....  :)

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  1. You could have embroidered yourself a belt with the words "Seven At One Blow."

    Please tell me you know what this means. If not, look here: