Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Well Now This Is More Like It....

So I am happy to report that last week was not a quick pic of the rest of summer. I am pleased to announce that all kids are healthy Kevin is back in the pool and both cars are in working order. (Billy's is still smashed in, but he doesn't seem to be in a rush to fix it...) Simon and Emi have adjusted to their summer program and from what I can tell, the big kids have enjoyed having a few hours a week where we can get some things done toddler-free.

I finally got back to working out after disappearing for a week and a half. Honestly, it is REALLY hard to set aside an hour to work out when the kids are home for summer. But I dragged myself in there and was quickly beaten down. Lord, I couldn't believe how a week and a half had affected me! And I am paying for it this morning. Everything hurts. I knew it would. Good news is that I didn't gain weight during my break. Didn't lose any, but take what you can get, right? So onward I go. I will freeze my membership for the July and August, I just can't get there when the kids are all home and honestly, when the 7 of us are home at night, I want to be home as a family. I'm not that dedicated to fabulous biceps that I miss out on being with this loud group. Billy works a lot and when he gets home at 6:30, I want to hang out with him. :)

Slightly off topic, our neighborhood has a 5K every 4th of July and Billy wants the family to run it. That's right the whole family. Last year Billy, Aaron, and Kevin ran it, no problem. The shorties got in the stroller and Olivia and I took them on the shorter walk version. But this year, my sweet hubby thinks he can push them while running. He has lost his freaking mind. Each kid weighs 39 pounds. (have I mentioned how enormous the shorties are?! They wear 4T and are 2 1/2 yrs old.) So that's 80 ish pounds without the jogging stroller weight. He says we'll start "training" this weekend. Oye. I'm going to take the cell in case I need to call 911. This is the same guy that wants us to run a 1/2 marathon next year. Maybe once he sees how little endurance I have for the 5K, he will see what he has to work with. :)

I better get off of here, we have Father's Day gifts to work on. We decided to just grill in the backyard and have my Dad over. Billy's birthday is the following weekend, so we'll have a bigger celebration then. The big 4-0 is right around the corner. I am so glad he's older than me. ;)

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