Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day At The Ryann's.....

We started it off like this:

How's that for a wake up??
Then, per the man of honor's annual request, we hit the streets for the annual family run. This year we're actually starting the train for the neighborhood 5K in a few weeks. So we did a mile and a 1/2 and it was HOT. Today we're supposed to hit 103 and I don't doubt it. Now, are we going to be able to run the 5K? I haven't a clue. But Billy did not drop from a heart attack from pushing 100 pounds of toddlers and a stroller, so it was a success. :) Good news for me, it was a pretty easy run. Guess that trainer-abuse is working... :)

After he opened gifts, we got ready to grill and Kevin was in charge. So cute!!!

My dad came over and we ate until we could eat no more. The kids showed their Pawpaw the golf game on the Wii, that's how you play golf when it's 100 degrees outside. :)

I hope your day was spent with family and enjoyed by all.....

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