Saturday, June 18, 2011

Swim Team Has Come To Its Season's End....

Today was the last swim meet of 2011. I love the way they structure it so they start in May and are done by the end of June. (I know, it's the 18th, but I'm not the organizer.) They don't get burnt out and get a ton of exercise. I wish Aaron liked to swim more, but I am not going to push him where it comes to swimming.

Anyway, Kevin and Olivia had their best meet of the season, perfect way to end it. Olivia placed 1st in butterfly and freestyle, 3rd in backstroke. (in her heat, not the whole division) Kevin placed 1st in breaststroke, 2nd in freestyle and 3rd in freestyle. The look on Olivia's face every time she was handed a ribbon was awesome.

More pics from today's meet:

Tomorrow is Father's Day, I hope you are ready. We're going to grill a late lunch and my dad will join us. So happy he's coming, he gets few breaks from taking care of my mom, I hope he enjoys hanging out with the kiddos and relaxing. Oh, and of course, my insane husband has a Father's Day request. A family jog. I wish I was kidding. Every year that's what he asks for. I will post a pic, it's pretty funny. But hey, if he wants to run a mile and 1/2 pushing 100 pounds, who am I to deny him?? :) Hope I make it, I am no runner.....

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