Friday, September 9, 2011

It's Friday And It's Turning Out To Be A Good One!

Ahhhh, forget my whining from yesterday.... Deep exhale.... Yesterday evening didn't get better, one of our older boys is not adjusting to middle school and it has really been unpleasant in the evenings around here. What is just so frustrating is the boy's scores are off the charts, but partly due to his ADHD, the focus and drive is almost nonexistent. His grades are in the toilet and it's the 3rd week of school. But we talked to his teacher and she doesn't want him pulled out of Pre AP math (we don't either) and he will just live in tutoring until he decides to finish homework, or show the work, or listen. That boy is graying my hair, but when he works it out, he is going to be amazing. I just wish he could see it.

So this morning started off well there, the shorties and I headed to the grocery store, smooth sailing. When I got home the elementary school called. Apparently Olivia's teacher is being reassigned to a different school due to head counts and Olivia (and the other 22 kids) will go to a different teacher starting Monday. While I would HATE to be in that teacher's shoes.... I am DANCING... I can't stand Olivia's teacher. She was new to the school, cold, strict... Yesterday when Olivia was doing her homework, she told me that the teacher got mad at a kid for asking questions. Seriously?! So Olivia, being the sensitive one that she is told me she didn't want to ever ask her because she didn't want to get yelled at. Well, problem solved! And she got reassigned to the teacher she originally wanted. So YAY for the Ryann's and having a great Friday...

So all of this has me changing my whiny tune and feeling grateful. Laundry is washing, babies are sleeping, and I think I'm going to pile the kids in the car after school for a Sonic run. :)

The weekend has nothing monumental going on, the big kids start CCD Sunday, (they call it Faith Formation now) I'm sure they're thrilled. I have what appears to be potty trained short people, so all is good. Billy had a good work meeting today and will be home early. Have a great weekend!

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