Friday, September 2, 2011

Long Day, I Still Have The Eye of a Prize Fighter...

Well, according to my doctor, there is no infection in my eye. She thinks it's allergies. But I have no other allergy-like symptoms or have I ever had eye reactions to allergies. I freaked because I thought she wasn't giving me a script. My eye has been this way for 2 weeks and I NEED my contacts back. But lucky me, I left with antibiotics, a steroid cream, and eye drops. A trifecta. :) Here's to hoping for a normalish eye very soon.

One of my older boys has a big case of the sensitives... And honestly, in this house, that isn't going to work. We tease A LOT. I can be very sarcastic and they've grown up with it. My best friend says her son wouldn't survive over here... (I choose to not take that as an insult, seeing that I am his guardian if something awful happens.) Anyway, I think the changes that come with moving to middle school and the workload have just hit him. The 3 day weekend should do him a world of good. He seems to like one big aspect of middle school... All the girls... I dread Kevin at 15.....

Tonight we did pizza and paper plates for dinner, now Billy and the big kids are watching "Spaceballs". I should get in there, but I need to finish Olivia's birthday invitations and I keep procrastinating... (like posting in my blog instead....) I better go, I'm not sure how much I will post over the Labor Day weekend, we don't have anything planned, (Billy isn't even taking the day off) but everyone is home and the time slips away. Have a great weekend and enjoy!

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