Saturday, September 17, 2011

NOOOOOOOO, Not The Baby Wipes, I Can't Let Go Of The Wipes!!!!

So this afternoon, Aaron gets out of shower and tells me the shower won't drain. Mental note, pour in Draino before bed... 20 minutes later Simon needs to go to the bathroom, runs in with me close behind, slips in water and crashes down. Water is pouring out of the base of the toilet and coming up from the shower drain. It's NOT clean water. The smell was unexplainable. 3 inches of sewer water is in my bathroom. Fantastic.... Our plumber isn't calling us back and SAWS (city water co.) is in no rush to get to our house either. So we begin clean up with the water turned off....

Then SAWS arrives......

"Suckers, not our problem, it's your pipes." (well, that's what I heard...) Awesome... This feels expensive..... And I think we're going to have to sleep at my parents' house. Plumbers come and the good news is that it isn't a broken pipe in a wall as feared.... It's a severe clog.... Caused by.... FLUSHABLE BABY WIPES!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO........ I swear the plumber was grinning when he said it. Jerk. I don't know how to salvage my weekend at this point.... I'm off to cry in a heap, carry on without me. In a heap with a glass of wine....  :)

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