Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Shorties Go Back To School Tomorrow....

So I am getting bags packed for Emi and Simon to return to school in the morning. They only go twice a week, but it's good for them and for me that they socialize with other short ones and I get a haircut. (terrible run on, sorry!) I absolutely LOVE their teacher (same from last semester) and it will kill me when I have to move them in January to the 3 year olds room. They are really excited to get back to Ms. Monica's and I just hope that includes using the potty like at home. I have them both trained well now (knock on wood, it's been a long time coming...) and I would hate for them to regress...

Anyway, I have blankets packed, lunchboxes dusted off and am trying to figure out my own day. I would be returning to my trainer (took the entire summer off from the pain...) but since I still have this eye problem, I can't exactly work out in glasses that fall off my face regularly. I say haircut. I haven't had one all summer and it really is too long. Then I'll go see my mom at the nursing home, much easier to do without my kiddos along.

Billy and I are back doing Weight Watchers. Sigh... Let me just say, 20 years ago, he never would have been concerned with a scale. Then again, 20 years ago, he could eat whatever he wanted.... Anyway, back to counting points and not frying anything... Until the holidays of course.... :)

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