Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We Finally Got Rain And I Made It Back To The Trainer....

I am very happy to say that we finally got rain this past weekend. For 3 days in a row, we were absolutely pounded with rain. Now we have a backyard mud puddle, but that's ok with me.... Billy worked a lot this weekend, so the kids and I shopped for Olivia's birthday party. I still can't believe that I'm about to have 10 girls overnight on Saturday. Because, yes, they ALL rsvp'ed that they were coming. Lord, it's going to be a long night. :) Tomorrow is my last chance to get things done without any kids along, so I hope it goes smoothly.

I got myself back to the trainer yesterday after taking the summer off. There's just no way I can go when the kids are out for summer. But now everything hurts. I know, in a good way, but I am hurting. Picking up a 40 pound kiddo is no party today.... Back tomorrow, especially at my age, I've got to keep as much from sliding to my knees as possible! :)

We're still having trouble with Aaron and the 6th grade experience. I don't want to hover over him, but I also know he is overwhelmed and barely treading water. It's a hard balance to maintain, I'm hoping he grabs onto the job and I can breathe easy.

I should probably get moving and wrap some presents while Olivia is at school. I can't believe she is almost 10! Of course I will drown the blog with pics after the party. :) That is if I survive it, of course....

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