Sunday, August 28, 2011

Birthday Celebrations and I May Possibly Have A Food Hangover....

Here we are on a Sunday morning, coffee in hand, toddlers playing nice for now... Yesterday we finally celebrated my 40th birthday, Billy and the kids did a great job. Now you get the joy of a big pile of pictures.... :)

We did cake and presents in the afternoon, I figure a shot of sugar isn't the best thing after dinner... (Billy gets my GF goodies from the Little Aussie Bakery, SO good!)
Now that's a husband.... :)

I obviously need a haircut...

Then we got slightly dressed up (basically, we wore pants... Which probably wasn't very nice since we hit 105 by 5pm...) Anyway, after mass we went to Outback. They have a big gluten free menu and the kids like the food. Total win-win.

Is Billy regretting our dinner plans??  :)

Emi and I
Simon really enjoying Billy's food. :)

My favorite part of dinner was these pics. One of my biggest fears of bringing home Emi and Simon was the reaction from the older kids. I mean, they were 8 and 7, they've been the only kids for  a long time. But they really love their little brother and sister. You just have to watch them together....

Kevin and Emi

That's it, I think we're done with my birthday. (Thank God!) I made it through with only slight sadness. I have too much goodness to whine too much about the numbers, right??

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