Monday, August 15, 2011

Several Hundred Viruses Later, My Beloved Purple Laptop Is Home...

It's ridiculous how entrenched the computer/Internet has become in our lives. I have been without my laptop for a week while the Geek Squad found several HUNDRED viruses on my computer. There is a slight chance I can't blame all of this on Kevin... So I happily sit in front of my screen, ready to give the camping lowdown and it won't talk to my camera. Grrrr.... I only get so long before nap ends for one of the shorties, so I hope I can figure this out soon.

For this post, I will simply say, we are ready for school. Today we did one last swing through Marshall's to look at shoes and maybe another shirt or two. :) (Needless to say, Miss Olivia found more than two...) But the boys kept their moodiness to a minimum and the shorties only needed one potty trip. Total win... I just cannot wrap my head around the fact that my boys are no longer at the elementary school down the street, that no one will be walking home from school anymore (no way Olivia is walking home alone...). The boys are excited and I am trying to be too. There is nothing I can do to keep them young. I've TRIED.... So Monday they will be off to middle school and then 2 days later I will be 40. Next week sucks. I just need to survive the emotional roller coaster and hide it from my eager kids. School is good, growing old gracefully is good, age is just a number..... Did it sound convincing???

If I'm lucky there will be 2 posts today because my camera will say the right thing to the computer and they will agree to take my pictures from the camping trip 2011.....

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