Thursday, August 25, 2011

Well, Now I Guess I'm Just Rolling Towards 41! :)

Ok, so I probably made too big of a deal out of turning 40. Maybe.... I still think that lady in the bathroom mirror is older than me and could use some microderm abrasion, but hey, I felt that way before yesterday. My kids were great, we aren't doing presents until Saturday (weekday birthdays are too difficult around here), but they did get me a big heap of chocolate to ease the pain. Along with a great lunch and a margarita before bed and I was good to go... Umm, minus the two brand new brass instrument players in my house trying to deafen me... Go middle school band! :)

I had a few birthday surprises too, I still have to settle into that.... Maybe more on that later...

I'm still trying to figure out our day today. I was going to drag the shorties out to Old Navy, but as we sit here watching Sesame Street and I have a big cup of coffee, Old Navy doesn't sound so great. :)

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