Monday, August 29, 2011

We May Have Found A Solution To Morning Craziness!

Interesting thing happened today. We went shopping. The shorties were great in the store. Not so interesting, we shop all the time (ask Billy! :). But I realized that when we take off in the morning for a change of scenery, they are so much better with each other. So I have to visit every bathroom in San Antonio, but small price to pay for my marbles. I tell ya, NO 2 kids are the same. My older twin boys were the same sex, so they played the same. They rough housed, or played cars or whatever. The fighting wasn't constant. Olivia was always content to play with her babies or off by herself if the boys weren't doing something she wanted to do. But these two? Lord... Emi likes to look at books or watch her Leapfrog DVDs, she likes peace. Simon, forget it. He wants to roll around, throw balls, boy stuff. Problem is Emi doesn't. And Simon feels it deep in his soul that they should be together. Always. It's a constant battle to keep him from tackling her or taking books because  he doesn't want to do that. Sigh...

So now I plan on morning outings. Tomorrow they have physical therapy, so we're set there, but then perhaps Target on Wednesday. :) Win-Win, I think... Except for maybe the bank account.... I better get moving, nap is only about an hour these days and I need to make some phone calls while I can. Have a good one!

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