Friday, August 19, 2011

Whew, A Whirlwind Of School Open Houses....

It's is officially official. :) My two sweetest little boys will start middle school on Monday. They have lockers and gym clothes and everything. Yesterday we all went together for the 2 hour (a bit much if you ask me) orientation. I wanted all of us to go, mainly because I needed to be reassured. The shorties were awesome, minus the potty runs. I am thrilled we have them out of diapers, not so thrilled that they must try out every bathroom we pass. :) Anyway, the boys have one class together and advisory, so I think they will have a good year. Tomorrow they pick up their home set of textbooks. Can you believe that?! I hate it, I want them to have the responsibility of remembering what they need and getting it home or to class. Sigh... They are really looking forward to Monday...

Tonight was back to the elementary school for my 5th grader. It was like going home. I love, love, love our elementary school and it was the 1st time I only had one kid, one classroom. Kevin asked if he could go with us to help. I just stared at him and said,"help with what, the little ones are staying home with Dad?" So I asked him if he missed the school and he blushed. My boy... So the three of us headed out. I am disappointed and I hope I am really off base. We have the new teacher, so I couldn't get any scoop. Then we walked in and I wouldn't describe her as welcoming and friendly. Her room wasn't decorated much. I'll admit, Open House when I was teaching was never one of my favorite nights, all the parents coming at you at once, but you have I hope she will warm up. Other concern is the class make up. Really boy heavy, and, ummm, difficult boys. None of her good friends in class, and girls I didn't recognize. So I am hoping that I am being over dramatic, I don't want her year to suck.

Well, I better finish this, family movie night is "Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2". I hope it's short. ;)

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