Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Slowly Getting Into The School Year Groove....

I have to say, we've eased into the school year schedule pretty quickly. Sure, the boys are still in middle school homework shock, but they're getting in done with limited whining... The littlest ones and I have been out this morning for the grocery run (minus the laundry detergent.. How did I forget that?! I need to get Billy to stop on the way home...) and then came home for physical therapy. Just keeping the morning busy seems to keep them in a better place. I am still fighting Simon and the potty. It is SO frustrating, but he will get there. I have yet to send a kid to Kindergarten in a pull up. :)

Billy and I are planning new garage doors. Seems easy enough, they are just garage doors. But really, there are TONS of choices and I am not a "see it in my mind" kind of gal... Hopefully we can make a decision by Christmas. :)

Thursday I have Open House/Meet the Teacher for Emi and Simon. It's the same teacher from last Spring, so we're just going to say hi and see what the class number ended up at. Last year there were only 4 kids total and it was great. They only go 2 days a week, but it keeps all of us happy. :) Then haircuts and that night I have to go to Olivia's parent orientation while Billy holds down the fort.

Beyond that I have to start planning Olivia's birthday party in a month. She's going to be 10 and wants a big slumber party. HELP me..... Ahhh, I am being interrupted by an adorable boy staring at me with sleepy eyes... I miss the 2 hour naps.... Have a good one!

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